The Joy of Doing Nothing :p

Hello world!
Hope your listening ……. Wait a second! You can’t actually hear me……… You can read my writing……. Where was I? Never mind the formalities , lets get straight to the topic!
As a teenager myself, I know doing nothing is very, and I mean VERY enjoyable . I could do nothing all day long and still feel tired 🙂 well , to be truthful parents don’t actually support doing nothing .
If it were in their hands they would make us to something or the other the whole day long! But I ,as a teen , whole heartedly support DOING NOTHING! For me doing nothing in summer is the best thing one can do. 🙂 though at the end of the day I regret doing nothing ……
But I can actually DO the word nothing…… I can sleep I can eat but doing nothing is by far THE best .
I can just lay around …… Thinking of all the things in the world , wondering about life as it is , blogging about fandoms…… Etc. ( you see I put etc. when I can’t think of anything more )
But nowadays I rarely get to do nothing! No time , studies , music and well the list goes on , but seeing my smaller siblings arguing with my mum about nap time I feel obliged to let them know this – If you don’t like nap time please hand it over to us ( sincerely high-schoolers ) .
For me the joy of doing nothing is inexpressible . Me with my coffee and a good book in my hand on the beach for a day would mean the world to me! ( I wish :/ )
And as you can read I have come to the end of another great day of doing absolutely NOTHING, though I might regret it later .
Sincerely yours,
Someone who is doing absolutely nothing 🙂


King Of Rap

Love him or…wait no one can hate him… Eminem is not only a household name but also an MC par excellence. Always controversial, he’s had a deep influence on hip-hop culture. Here are his top ten songs:

• The Way I Am, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, 2000

After having seen My Name Is on MTV and dismissing Marshall Mathers as an absurd gimmick, I pretty much ignored his debut. Then I heard his verses on Forgot About DreWhat’s The Difference, and Dead Wrong, and this time when MTV dropped the first two singles from his sophomore album, I paid attention. And after hearing Shady “just blurt this berserk and bizarre s–t that works,” I gained respect for him as an MC, and not just an MC but an extremely gifted one. The internal rhyme scheme alone is ridiculous, and coupled with the wordplay makes it one of the best Eminem songs he’s ever released.

• ’97 Bonnie and Clyde, Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP, 1999

One of Eminem’s all-time creepiest songs, detailing his disposal of his wife’s corpse, alongside his toddler daughter, ’97 Bonnie and Clyde is also expert storytelling, presaging Stan and other notable lyrical tales.

• As The World Turns, Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP, 1999

Eminem has, throughout his career, crafted a number of songs wherein he tries to take an absurd turn of phrase to its logical extreme with alternately hilarious or disturbing results (see Insane or Stay Wide Awake off of his latest album Relapse). This is hilarious. And disturbing. And hilarious.

• I’m Back, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, 2000

I’m Back is another song that made me respect Eminem as an MC. His tongue-twisting wordplay is dementedly first-rate here, and is one of the best Eminem songs, particularly in terms of lyrics.

• Criminal, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, 2000

Criminal is a rage against the machine rant against political correctness interspersed with surreal anecdotes that make much of his previous work seem tame by comparison. The use of multiple personas, the storytelling, and the wordplay makes this a definite Eminem highlight.

• Mosh, Eminem’s Encore, 2004

One of the few redeeming songs from Eminem’s most lackluster album is a rousing get out the vote song. The vocals are deliberately slow and angry over a brooding beat punctuated by the sound of people marching. The lyrics combine Eminem’s penchant for self-reference and intensity, with seemingly genuine passion for a Democratic victory in the 2004 Presidential election, resulting in one of his best songs.

• 8 Mile Road8 Mile Soundtrack, 2002

This is one of Eminem’s best displays of pure lyricism, unmarred by the disturbing imagery that to many is a turnoff. Over a mid-tempo brooding beat, he speaks of his struggles to achieve stardom in such an accessible fashion that the song is instantly relatable to anyone who has struggled to accomplish a goal.

• Sing For the Moment, Eminem’s The Eminem Show, 2002

Over a sample of Aerosmith’s Dream On, Eminem, at types bordering on the poetic, raps about the relationship between celebrities and their fans, using himself as the archetype. This is his clearest articulation of the perils of fame, a recurring theme in his work.

• Lose Yourself, 8 Mile Soundtrack, 2002

Without a doubt the most inspirational song of his career, 2002’s Lose Yourself, like 8 Mile Road, is about struggling to achieve one’s goals, however the up-tempo instrumental and rousing chorus make this catchy single a bit superior to 8 Mile Road.


• Stan, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, 2000

One of his best-known songs, Stan is also one of the best lyrical tales in hip-hop since 2000. The name, which has become a hip-hop staple, refers to a crazed fan whose attempts to connect with the rapper meet tragic consequences, (à la ’97 Bonnie and Clyde). The haunting Dido sample provided just the right amount of eeriness to punctuate the disturbing yet insightful lyrics.

Twilight….ain’t nobody got time fo dat

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Twilight craze, a series of vampire books written by Stephanie Meyer. Frankly, these books are just terrible, and there should only be two kinds of people reading them: 12-year-old girls, and people seeking to read something humorous. And I say humorous because it IS – the writing is so bad, it’s comical. These books are seeking to destroy any glimmering hope that today’s youth will emerge as a literate, intelligent generation. And, being a part of that generation myself, that’s just not cool with me at all.

I want people to understand how horrible these books are. Truly and honestly just plain bad. Stephanie Meyer just does not write well, and I guess her editors are third graders. Or giraffes. I don’t know how these books could land on the shelves, but they have, and they are filled with a copious amount of glaring and awful mistakes.


Word Usage

Reason #1 as to why Twilight is the worst series ever… oops, I mean the consistently most unfavorable consecution…


Stephanie Meyer makes her writing way more complicated than it should be. I guess this was in an attempt to make her sound intelligent or something, but the end result is just pathetic. It’s as though she used a thesaurus to replace every. single. word. “Small town” becomes “diminutive municipality”, and it just sounds ridiculous. And don’t think for a second that this sort of thing is just here-and-there – it’s on nearly every single page.

Every English teacher I’ve ever had always told me that good writing is written simply; using as little words as possible to say what needs to be said. Clearly, this is not a concept that Meyer has ever heard of.

Character Development

These characters are NOT like onions – they have one-layer personalities!

First of all, there is far too much character development, and not enough character to develop, if that makes sense. I mean to say that the characters are flat and predictable and there is zero mystery remaining past the initial paragraph of their introduction.

All of the characters can be summed up in whole in one or two words. Bella is clumsy. Edward is sparkly. Bella’s dad is quiet. So on and so forth. The end. No more development of character.

Boring Plot

Really, eye-gougingly, fall-asleep-reading-it boring.

When it comes to the plot of the book, THERE IS NONE!

One sentence summary of the entire series: A girl falls in love with a vampire, who she winds up with together forever despite a few minor discrepancies. That’s it, really. The rest is fluffy, boring filler. The “climax” takes place in the last two chapters of the books and has nothing to do with the preceding 400 pages. The “conflict” is resolved far too easily.
I want to take this opportunity to present Stephanie Meyer with a gift. It’s a simple plot graph, similar to many that I learnt from my English teacher Ms. Alice (the best English teacher anyone could ever get).

See, Stephanie, there needs to be a balance of rising action and falling action, sandwiching a big, juicy peak in the plot.

Obviously there ARE sensible and literate fans of Twilight – but why? Can you REALLY defend the series?

Science-Fiction Nightmare

For the past few months, I have worried about computers taking over the world. Science-fiction writers made a fortune from these fears. The more daring of them even extended the argument to salt shakers and bedside lamps taking over the world. And then it happened. They took over the world; the computers, I mean, not the salt shakers, although the one on my table has been staring at me meaningfully in the past month or so.

They book our airline tickets, send us books, maintain our appointments and exchange photographs with other computers, all the while leading us to believe that they have made life easier for us. This is the smart part of their plan. They haven’t made life easier, merely ensured that we don’t meet other human beings and plan a revolution against the computer-controlled world.

I was at an airline office,with my father,who was recently attempting to book a ticket when the clerk said, “Why don’t you book it online?” I thought he was being nice and said it for our convenience until we discovered that he had lost the basic skill required to book a ticket manually. This is how computers are relieving us of our skills.

Have you tried telling an uneducated teen who is working at a fast food outlet in order to put himself through school that you don’t need so much mayo with your burger? Then asked him how much less would you have to pay if instead of two cups of coffee, you only had one?

Things immediately come to a standstill. The manager is called, and he calls the governor and doubtless the governor gets onto his hotline and checks with the president. And all because the computers have sucked away our ability to do simple arithmetic.

The question asked in third-grade math, “Should I multiply or divide, add or subtract?” is now being asked by grown men in moustaches and even some grown women with a suggestion of a moustache. That is how dependant we have become on computers, and that is part of their overall plan.

One day soon, we will wake up to find computers pressing buttons on us just to ensure we get our daily exercise and keep our minds focused on making smaller and better computers that can rule the world with even less effort. We will be forced to build a better machine while the existing ones party and network and discuss how they spent last weekend while plotting excuses for not submitting their homework.


This is not just a science-fiction nightmare – in fact, hang on while I unplug my computer and smash its face. If you are reading this, be warned, it hasn’t worked. Computers have begun writing columns too 😮 .